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TRW Series Package

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TRW Series Group

Heavy duty rotary indexing tables

  • Fixed indexing positions. 2,3,4,5,6,8,10 & 12
  • Smooth & controlled rotary motions, vibration & backlash free
  • High accuracy, repeatability and reliability
  • Solid Cam Follower Technology for faster cycle rates & greater shock resistance to machine jams or estops. Increased B10 performance life as compared to traditional needle bearing cam followers.
  • Induction hardened cam profile for greater torque capacity
  • Self locking in dwell – will not back drive.
  • O-ring sealed for leak proof operation
  • Stationary through bore for routing wires, hoses and other utilities.
  • Machined cast iron housings with mounting surfaces on all sides.
  • Precision reamed dowel holes in top turret and housing bottom for precise & fast setup.
  • Standard “packages” include SEW gear motor drives for unmatched reliability and performance.
  • LUBED for LIFE – ZERO maintenance

The TRW Series are industrial rotary indexing tables designed for extra heavy duty applications, particularly in automotive manufacturing processes. The TRW models are standard “packages” which are available in four (4) different models sizes. Components are kept in stock and are readily available to provide shorter delivery times. All models provide accurate indexing to a fixed number of positions ranging from 2 to 12 stations.

The TRW series are designed for accurate and repeatable rotary indexing applications and feature reliable SEW gear motor drive packages for worldwide compatibility. TRW models include a precision barrel cam set, solid cam follower technology and oversized cross roller bearing support on the output turret. The crossed roller bearing provides rigid support & greater stability for over hung and unbalanced loads.

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