Product Description

Pick and Place - Freely programmable

The new MCR series of servo pick and place are designed for industrial automation applications requiring fast and accurate positioning. 

MCR are programmable pick and place handling systems for automation processes where the output shaft rotates and lifts to properly manipulate the components. 

The two servo motors that drive the MCR also provide the flexibility to satisfy a broad range of different motion requirements. 

MCR series provides superior performance compared to other equivalent products on the market:

 - Ensure a high level of accuracy while maintaining fast cycle rates

 - Move heavyweight parts with excellent accuracy & repeatability

 - Reliable performance for 24/7 


 - Fully programmable for flexible positioning

 - Handle heavy parts with fast cycle rates

 - Compact footprint and clean design - meets “clean room” requirements

 - Simple and easy mounting using the main connection plate

 - High mechanical rigidity, smooth vibration free motions, quiet operation and high repeatability throughout the work/motion cycle

 - Leakproof performance in every working position

 - Lubed for life – zero maintenance. All internal components run in a sealed oil bath

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: 75
  • Number of Stops: Freely programmable - servo drive
  • Max pressing force 1000 N
  • Max payload 200 N
  • Max. vertical stroke 100 mm
  • Rotation Multiturn


MCR Series - Pick and Place - Freely programmable

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