Product Description

Freely programmable tables

TCR series of programmable rotary tables is designed for applications where high compact and robust solutions are required.

The CDS new generation of cycloid reducers has an improved technical design, with an external ring gear, the inner surface profile of which is the external offset of an epitrochoid, and engages with the planet wheel by means of cylindrical rollers.

The competitive price and the reduced lead time together with CDS quality and reliability make this series very attractive for the market.

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: TCR075 - TCR100 - TCR150
  • Number of Stops: freely programmable positioning
  • Index Angle: Ratio 72:1
  • Dynamic capacity: up to 300 kg m2
  • Output motion axis bearings
    - Max Axial Force: 19000 N
    - Radial force: 41000 N
    - Tilting: 2500 Nm
  • Precision: <=3 arcmin


TCR Series - Freely programmable tables
Cross-roller bearings
Cross-roller bearings
Large output rotary flange
Large output rotary flange
Seal gasket
Seal gasket

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