" In the world nothing great has been done without passion. "

(F. Hegel)

Cam Driven Systems (CDS) is a specialized company in the study, development and manufacture of high precision mechanical components. CDS represents a resource for customers that are seeking motion control solutions and ideas for industrial automation, packaging and assembly. We are committed to the development and expansion of our high-quality product range to provide our customers with a competitive advantage.


We are committed to developing and providing equipment for automation, assembly and packaging systems that meet and exceed our customers’ standards for quality and excellence.


To be a leading supplier of Industrial Automation components and solutions for our wide range of worldwide manufacturing customers.

2019 – 2021

New solutions for the industrial automation sector.

Despite the difficulties with the Covid-19 pandemic, the product range was extended with three new solutions.
The extension involved three types of motion: rotary, linear, and handling.

  • • TCR: programmable rotary table

  • • CPC: chain pallet conveyor

  • • MCR: freely programmable Pick and Place


(Institute of Economic Studies of India)

The constant commitment in innovation has been recognized from the IES (Institute of Economic Studies of India) with the “PRESTIGIOUS AWARD” as Certificate of Excellence for Quality, Innovation and Management.


Innovation and Industry 4.0

The constant dedication and re-investments by the company to continue with the evolution of the digital age has been acknowledged by two important awards:

During the Conference of Confindustria Cremona, the Minister for Economic Development, Mr. Carlo Calenda presents the prestigious award “Company strategy based on innovation”.

The Minister of Labor, Mr. Giuliano Poletti, awards a recognition of the investments on digital infrastructures to improve the decision processes and connectivity in production.


Production Facilities expansion

Construction of a new production plant of 6000 m² (65,000 ft²) begins to make CDS more reactive to market requests, expanding logistics and production with new Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) and robot tended machinery.


ECAM: Mechatronics

ECAM is born via the continuous technical improvements of CDS. ECAM simplifies the management of indexer positioning and wiring of a PLC or an Inverter/VFD.


Global market

To globally promote and support our products more efficiently, CDS opens branches in several strategic countries:


in Sparta (NJ, USA) Gate Technologies Inc. (formerly CDS Corp.)


in Rain am Lech (Germany) Gate Deutschland GmbH (formerly CDS GmbH)


in Pune (India) Bettinelli Automation Components Pvt. Ltd.


in Heidelberg (Germany) a second branch of Gate Deutschland GmbH


in Shanghai (China) Gate Shanghai



CDS establishes the MEDICAM brand to provide specific solutions for clean room assembly and testing applications.


Cam Driven Systems

The CDS brand is created to provide stronger support for international markets. The CDS brand is devoted to mechanical actuators and production of precision cam systems.


ISO 9001 Certification

The Company obtains ISO 9001 Certification no. 1022/4 dated July 20th, 1998. It confirms the ability of Bettinelli to be a leading international supplier for automation solutions.


TL Series Precision Link Conveyor

The introduction of the TL Series Precision Link Conveyor is the result of continuous research of new products needed to satisfy customer requirements. The Precision Link Conveyor was developed and built completely within the company and is now the market leader for machine platforms that demand accurate, fast and reliable linear transfer systems.


New production plant

To continue to support the rapid growth of the previous two decades, the company relocated to Bagnolo Cremasco, into an historical production complex named De Magistris. The complex (2200 m² - 236,000 ft²) was built in 1923 and is an important representation of Italy’s manufacturing history. After a considerable restoration and modernization project that retained the historical value of the original site, it is a beautiful example of industrial archeology and the current corporate headquarters of all Bettinelli brand products.


Company reorganization

After the founder, Constantino passed away, his son, Vincenzo took control of the company. In 1982 the second son, Ferdinando Bettinelli, also joined the company. They introduced new visions and innovation to improve growth and continue leading the company to new developments with the latest innovative technologies.



During the 1970s, Bettinelli begins activities that will project the company into a continuous growth pattern in international markets: Special Purpose Machines (SPM) for component assembly and production of cam positioners and indexers.



During this period, Bettinelli grows by diversifying: production of gas burners for industrial ovens and domestic stoves, production of stators for electric motors and continuing with the production of metallic components.



Our story starts in Crema, Italy in 1953 when founder Constantino Bettinelli started the company Bettinelli Officine Meccaniche (Bettinelli Mechanical Office), which specialized in production of metallic components.

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