Rotary tables configurator

We have developed a new on-line system to select and download the drawings of the rotary indexers – Package Serie ITP and TRP.

The rotary indexers of the Package Serie differ from the other products because they are by default equipped with a gearbox and an asynchronous three-phases induction motor to achieve a cost and delivery time reduction.

Our on-line selector permits a fast download of the 3D drawings of every product configuration to simplify the product selection process for the users and reduce the project development time.

Direct link to ITP configurator
Direct link to TRP configurator


The 3D file selection can be performed in two different ways, with the drawing code (in the quotation or in the sizing sheet) or by selecting some configuration value as:

  • Unit size
  • Cycle time
  • Number of Stops
  • Motor Type
  • Phase Cam Type
  • Asynchronous Output Torque Limiter
  • File CAD format


If the drawing code is available, fill the Search field and start the search. The Selector will propose the required files in two CAD formats: STEP (.stp) or Parasolid (.x_t).

The alphanumeric code generated identify the requested indexer. The alphanumeric code can be found in the sizing sheet or in the quote.

For example the code TRP400G4ENPX:

TRP: Indexer model
400: Indexer size
G: Cycle time
4: Number of stops
E: Motor Frequency, 50 Hz 
N: Motor Type, Normal
P: Phase Cam Type, no. 2 proximity sensors
X: No Asynchronous Output Torque Limiter


Selecting the required parameters as Size, Cycle Time, Number of Stops, etc. the required 3D drawing for the application will be identified:

  • Motor Frequency selects the proper model for any country
  • Index Size
  • Cycle Time identifies the gearbox ratio and the running speed
  • No. of Stops is how many times the output rotary flange of the indexer unit stops during a 360o rotation
  • Motor Type can be Normal or Brake, depending from the project requirements
  • Phase Cam for the management of the motor stop in position, can be mechanical (2 proxy sensors) or electronical (E_CAM)
  • Asynchronous Output Torque Limiter on the output rotating flange to safe the indexer unit from accidental impacts
  • CAD Format can be Step or Parasolid

Let's take the code again for example: TRP400G4ENPX

This improvement is part of our Mission for a continuous improvement of our products and services and for a better cooperation with our customers.

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