Product Description

Chain pallet conveyors

The chain pallet conveyor features a pre-loaded Industrial chain system used to transmit the motion of the individual pallets.

The CPC conveyors main body structure is made from special cast aluminum profiles designed specifically by CDS to allow fast and easy connection of customers fixtures and components by way of “T” slots.
The aluminum alloy links/pallets are anodized and glide between low friction precision guide ways made from self lubricating bearing surface material.  

The CPC conveyor can be controlled using different drive packages, depending on the application requirements. It can be servo driven for the best programming flexibility and also cam indexer driven with a CDS globoidal indexer for the highest positioning accuracy and simplest drive & controls set up.  These different drive options meet the most common requirements for industrial automation.  The CPC series conveyors can operate and perform in any working position both vertical or horizontal.  

The CPC is designed for lighter duty indexing & transfer applications requiring a good  “medium” level of accuracy for part positioning.  It is ideal for processes such as filling, inspection of parts, assembly &  testing, .etc.  

The CPC series conveyors can be configured into different shapes upon request, such as square and rectangular, etc.. 

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: CPC3P – CPC6P
  • Steps: from 76,2 to 457.2+ mm
  • Versatile and compact modular-component design
  • Cycle Rates: up to 70 indexes per minute
  • Cam driven for fixed indexing motion or servo driven for flexible positioning


CPC Series - Chain pallet conveyors
Modular chain
Modular chain
Modular system
Modular system

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