Product Description

Cycloidal reducers

The cycloid style reducers (also known as cycloid drives) cover a broader range of reduction ratios, possess higher load-carrying capacity, are dimensionally smaller and provide smooth, vibration free performance along with high efficiency.

These characteristics make them well suited for precision industrial applications, especially in robotics, machine tools and linear axis positioning in assembly & packaging machinery.

The competitive price and the reduced lead time together with CDS quality and reliability make this series very attractive for the market.

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: CR039 - CR055 - CR075 - CR100 - CR150
  • Number of Stops: servo - driven
  • Index Angle: Ratio from 6:1 to 72:1
  • Dynamic capacity: from 16 to 2700 Nm
  • Output motion axis bearings
    - Max Axial Force: 19000 N
    - Radial force: 41000 N
    - Tilting: 2500 Nm
  • Precision: <= 3 arcmin


CR Series - Cycloidal reducers
Customizable large output shaft
Customizable large output shaft
External cam generated by an epitrocoide
External cam generated by an epitrocoide

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