Product Description

Belt elevators

The EL Series Part Elevators have been designed to improve the pre-feed flow of individual component parts presented for assembly and installation on automated machinery. EL Elevators provide controlled flow, which is necessary for optimal machine performance. They are designed to handle a wide variety of part sizes and shapes.

Rounded hopper bowls and corners eliminate sharp edges and comply with industry requirements for operator's safety during loading operations. The all stainless steel construction lends itself to many parts and factory environments including class 10,000 clean rooms. The standard four wheel design allow for the part elevators to be easily moved thru standard size doorways without the aid of lift trucks.

The competitive price and the reduced lead time together with CDS quality and reliability make this series very attractive for the market.

Technical specifications

  • Sizes: EL60 - EL125 - EL200
  • Bowl Capacity from 60 to 200+ Liters
  • Hopper Load Height: from 900 to 930 mm
  • Discharge Height: from 1515 to 1570 mm
  • Overall Width: from 640 to 1045 mm
  • Overall Height: 2180 mm
  • Belt Width: from 183 to 398 mm
  • Feed Rate: 70 mm/sec

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