Product Description

Rotary assembly machine

RAM is a Highly Modular Automatic Machine Base for assembly and inspection, built for ensuring smooth and fast movements. 

The dial plate is moved by a high precision rotary table 

and holds 16 stations (RAM). The dial plate is equipped with 16 removable pads that can be easily customized and allow fast production format changes. 

Manipulation, pressing and control operations can be performed in the working stations. Due to the low masses moved, high performances can be reached. 

With refer to the modular design the placement of the working stations can be in every position, according to the project requests. 

Further stations can be added during machine lifetime to fulfill the new production requests. 

Technical specifications

  • Number of Stops: 16 working station max.
  • Speed up to 80 cycles/in
  • Max. payload 3 kg/6.6 lbs
  • Rotary dial plate
    - Planarity ± 0.02 mm
    - Repeatability ± 0.008°
    - Max load per station 6 kg at 60 cycles/min

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